Monday, June, 24, 2024 10:19:31

Reports confirm that the leading provider of clinical data management technology, OmniComm Systems, Inc., has announced a partnership with pharmaceutical IT solutions firm Hitachi Inspharma. Apparently, under the terms of the partnership, both the companies would work together for providing eClinical solutions to life science clients in Japan.

As reported in a press release by Omnicomm, these solutions include Acuity Analytics (risk-based monitoring and data visualization), TrialMaster® electronic data capture (EDC) and other related products and services for helping improve the data integrity and quality as well as trial insight during clinical trials.

Sources familiar with the matter said that Hitachi Inspharma will be expanding its existing portfolio of applications and information systems to include eClinical solutions with this agreement. The company would be providing sales and support services, which include Acuity study configuration, TrialMaster study build, as well as hosting.

Yamada Naoaki, President of Hitachi Inspharma, mentioned that the company has collaborated with OmniComm Systems to develop these services for meeting the high grade requirements of customers in Japan and for bringing the state of the art technology and the best of eClinical solutions to the customers.

President and Chief Executive Officer of OmniComm, Stephen Johnson, was quoted saying that this partnership with Hitachi Inspharma is a crucial step towards establishing the presence of OmniComm in Japan. With the addition of the experienced support staff of Hitachi Inspharma to OmniComm’s local expertise, the localization and robustness of the company’s after-sales services would increase, he added.

Johnson further said that the integration of third-party eClinical solutions’ with the products of OmniComm, and the TrialMaster study build services are other areas where Hitachi Inspharma would show the value of its expertise quickly by providing the life sciences industry with superior IT services. Subsequently, this partnership would increase easy access to the innovative products of OmniComm for customers in Japan.