Monday, March, 04, 2024 10:31:42

Voluntis, a medical intelligence firm that develops advanced digital therapeutics to enhance medications and medical devices, has reportedly announced to extend its collaboration with AstraZeneca, a multinational pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company, in a bid to advance oncology treatment technology.

The new agreement states that the partner companies will conduct a new clinical assessment phase of the digital therapeutic intended to aid ovarian cancer patients with platinum resistance, treated with a composite of Olaparib plus Cediranib, claim sources.

According to a press release by Voluntis, the eCediranib/Olaparib (eCO) solution would be evaluated in the GY005-randomized-phase-III clinical trial backed by the NCI (National Cancer Institute), which will assess if the digital therapeutic is capable of complementing the medical treatment, by detecting if it allows for fairly decent side effect management.

For the record the eCediranib/Olaparib (eCO) solution is a digital therapeutic for females undertaking treatment for recurring platinum sensitive high-grade ovarian cancer in clinical trials of Olaparib plus Cediranib.

According to trusted sources, the female candidates and their clinicians would be provided eCO in combination with Olaparib and Cediranib treatment, to suppress signs of diarrhea and hypertension occasionally associated with the therapy, to allow them to take the treatment for a long duration.

However, interested patients would access eCO via a smartphone application in which they could enter their symptoms to obtain a real-time medical recommendation, claim sources. Clinicians will have to use a web portal to manage their patients remotely and handle patient symptom management plan as and when required.

Pierre Leurent, Chief Executive Officer, Voluntis was quoted stating that the company is rather pleased with the promising results of the first round of clinical trial, incepted in 2015, and considers the groundbreaking partnership with AstraZeneca as a step ahead to study the probable impact of the eCO solution on a bigger scale, by means of the high-tech Theraxium platform.

Astrazeneca’s spokesperson has not been available for comments yet.